Monday, October 10, 2011

After the long hiatus!

That's right... DIAF is back, fuckers! Well, sort of. Here's a little "narrative experiment" I did for a class of mine. It's random & stupid, but I like it. Shot with a Canon EOS T2i Rebel camera on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon, no crew, no script, no budget, completely improvised and in 2 hours! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays from DIAF

Hello, once again!

It's been almost 3 months since my last post (fuck!) truth is a lot of things have happened to me during this time so there isn't much "DIAF" stuff to write about. Between work and other mishaps, there hasn't been much development for us.

But, what I did manage to do is the annual Christmas Card. Hand-drawn and colored (through the magic of photoshop) by yours truly (ME).

So, without further ado, I give you 2010's Xmas Card by DIAF.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIAF Update!

Man, it's been a long hiatus!

I apologize to all of you, but I've been extremely busy. Let me make this short. You're gonna get more DIAF related stuff for the rest of the year! (I'm sort of on an extended vacation... LOL) and to start things off, I give you... A NEW VIDEO!

I shot this last Thursday at Xploration (it's kind of like a pseudo-theme park in Rosarito, B.C. in Baja Studios). It's one of my first "director-for-hire" works. Hope you enjoy it. We had no budget, no equipment, in other words, NOTHING! But I think it worked out okay.

Keep you posted!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Official DIAF Soundtracks ONLINE! (UPDATED)

Hello, once again!

In addition to the account at, I am proud to announce a new site in which you can listen to all of my short-films' original score for FREE! I'd like to say that I knew nothing about music when I first started (DIAF's The Man Kills - 2006), and I still don't know sh*t about music, but I think I've gotten a lot better.

"DIAF's The Man Kills" OST, "The F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" (a.k.a Doble Personalidad 1.5.1) OST & "The Even-more F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" (a.k.a Doble Personalidad 1.5.2) are now available. Expect more OST soon!



*UPDATED: The Original Score for "Bury the Hatchet" is now available @!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Even-more F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" OST ONLINE!

That's right! You can now listen to the official score for "The Even-more F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" (a.k.a "Doble Personalidad 1.5.2") at ... A new site so you can all check out the score that yours truly (i.e. Me/DIAF) has composed for the epic sequel.

Check it out via this link:



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New short-film preview

The following video is a work-in-progress. The footage shown is unfinished & will be re-shot completely.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"The Even-More F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" pt. 1

Hello, faithful readers!

It's been a while since I've posted any new stuff. Today I make an exception! Now, I've posted that I was working on something new quite a lot recently and that is true. That's right! A SEQUEL! And not just any sequel. Are you ready? That's right! A sequel to my b-movie mash-up short-film "The F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" which I have aptly named "The Even-more F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!" (a.k.a "Doble Personalidad 1.5.2"). Right now we're still in the raw stages of production, but for now I'll leave you the poster!


**UPDATED: This Saturday (April 17th), I'll make an appearance on channel 27 PSN-Tu Super estacion (via cable - Baja California ONLY)or online @ at 12:00pm NOON & I'll be discussing "The Even-more F*cked-up B-movie Mash-up Experience!".